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What makes us special


The Green Lion produce 100% vegan ready meals, desserts and Pastizzi’s for Retail stores, Home delivery or Pick up from our warehouse in Lilyfield, Sydney.  

The Green Lion originated as Australia’s only 100% plant- based pub bistro and was established in 2016 by co-founders Sacha Joannou and Bhavani Baumann. The concept is traditional Aussie Pub food done vegan. From Burgers and Chicken Schnitty’s to a seafood basket and lasagne, The Green Lion has been excited to be able to offer your favourite foods veganised. Desserts are not forgotten including our Sticky Date and “Sara lee” Chocolate cake. 

Due Covid-19 The Bistro closed its doors for hibernation in March 2020.


A plant based approach for a cleaner healthier planet that can be enjoyed by anyone



Home delivery to Sydney, The Blue Mountain, Central Coast, Newcastle, The south coast and Canberra.



Free pickup from our warehouse in Lilyfield. Open 10am -4pm Tuesday and Thursdays.


Never sacrifice flavour


Let’s start by saying this – The Green Lion does not preach, nor do we judge. Going Vegan is a personal journey and one that can-not be forced. We are just a normal pub bistro that has decided to serve plant based/ Vegan food.

The Green Lion believes that a vegan way is the most helpful way forward for the planet right now, it uses a lot less resources such as water and land. The other very important reason is the animals, we love all beings equally and the fact that we can now eat just about anything using plants is what we are all about.

Take me home I'm Vegan

Frozen Meal Range

The perfect way to have some of your favourite meals stocked in your freezer. Including Lasagna, Cannelloni, Butter Chicken and Sticky Date Pudding in single serves, plus packs of our flakey buttery pastitzzi’s.

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Pick ups from the warehouse are free. Located at 36 Lonsdale St Lilyfield NSW.

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Lonsdale St Lilyfield NSW 2040